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Bath Salts&Risk to Health!

Bath salts are the latest craze that has entered the market in recent years. These are the newest things that have become easily available for the teenagers to get themselves high. This is a synthetic product that is commonly sold and is available through the internet as well. It has several names some of which are listed as follows:

1.Ivory Wave
2. Purple Wave
3. Red Dove
4. Blue Silk
5. Zoom
6. Bloom
7. Cloud Nine
8. Ocean Snow
9. Lunar Wave
10. Vanilla Sky
11.White Lightning
12. Scarface
13. Hurricane Charlie

These things are comparatively newer in the market and hence teenagers are indulging into drug abuse. The fact that we know very little about their composition as well as their effects may they be long term or short term, make them even more dangerous for us.
However the information we actually have about these things is something everyone should be worried about. Some action should be taken to control as well as reduce dangers and risk they pose to the health of people.

You can buy bath salts for sale  online as well, and the ease in availability of these products is worrisome. The composition of these products include chemical that resemble amphetamine, for e.g. methylenedioxpyrovalerone (MPDV), mephedrone and pyrovalerone. These are the kinds of drugs that are taken orally. Some inhale it, some inject it.

Mephedrone can be very dangerous because according to UK based experiences it poses a risk because of overdose. You can BUY 4-efmc FOR SALE online. These drugs act as stimulants in your brain. Hence you can actually get addicted to these things which can lead to the abuse of drugs.

 Those who have experienced these drugs say that because of addiction you can crave it. Countries other than UK too have confirmed this report.

 This is because the composition of the bath salts is unknown hence we have very little information about its effects as well, and the danger of abusing them increase as well because of very little information available about them. Regrettably, a lot of people have been taken to ER because of the overdose of  bath salts. If you ingest or snort the legal bath salts  you can end up in the ER because of high blood pressure, heart palpitation, agitation as well as hallucinations. Many cases have been reported because of the usage of bath salts. Some states that include Hawaii, Michigan, Louisiana, Kentucky as well as North Dakota have decided to put a ban on these things to avoid putting people in fatal danger.

 It has become extremely important that the usage and selling of these products is monitored by the law enforcing organizations. The ease of availability of such products can lead one to danger. They are easily available on the internet and are delivered to your doorstep, hence making it even easier for teenagers who are also under 18 years old, to abuse them.  Online sites like ResearchChemicalsHK have made it possible for people to access these drugs that cause same feelings as cocaine does to be made available easily. Different names are given to bath salts, and many people including teenagers even under 18 years old, are benefiting from this.

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