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Chemists producing more research chemicals than ever before

As legislation on stimulant drugs increases and less of these highs find their way into the street, those looking for a regular and legal fix are searching further and wider. Fortunately for them, the internet and global marketplace has opened up new doors and opportunities. Which is bad news for the legislators and the illegal trade.

Legal highs, which are drugs and stimulants that give the user a temporary effect on their nervous system, have grown in number, particularly through the sales in festivals and dance clubs. However, these highs are often spotted and clamped down on by authorities, which is often as a result of press interference, particularly with a death or two in the news due to substance overdose.

As a result, new entrepreneurs enter the market, almost like something out of Breaking Bad. These new chemists, predominantly from Asia, are exploiting a market that is struggling to find legitimate vendors in their own country. They are producing some of the most famous mind altering drugs, as their countries legislation allows them to. They are also making small chemical changes to these products that then makes them legal in other countries. For example, you can BUY th-pvp  FOR SALE which is a variation of alpha-PVP, a simulant drug developed in the 1960’s, occasionally named flakka or gravel.

This continuing trend of creating new drugs is typically a good selling point for the market involved. Here the sellers have an open market of buyers who are looking for the newest, most effective substance available. They are willing to invest and trade in products that are untested. This answers the question of why they are aptly named as research chemicals. The buyers are easily purchasing them online, with a credit card, and then trialling them when received, hoping to find the next best party pill. The vendor accepts no responsibility for how they are used.

This clever use of terminology allows the straightforward selling of this legal powder. They at no point promote the use of the drug for recreational use. The products, particularly those based on a-PHP, are believed to deliver a psychedelic episode, depending on how the substance is delivered into the body. The fact that you can BUY th-php FOR SALE and other similar variations, have left the authorities with a difficult problem. They are clamping down with government legislation. However the time taken to change the current laws stops them from cutting the supply chain. Currently, the UK have ensured that almost any new legal high is considered illegal to sell (but not own), however others countries, like USA, are still trying to catch up with modern science and technology.

The benefit for the chemists, is that whilst blockades to their product are attempted to be created, they can busy themselves with finding an alternative product to sell on the market, ready for that moment where they need to change the chemistry of the product. Also, with the nature of the research chemical industry, their new product can be completely untested, ready for the global market.

The result is an internet market of specialised chemists and intelligent buyers, who are both aware of the laws and legal issues, and the potential consequences that may arise from what is considered the controversial future of psych altering chemicals. 

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